Keep Small Valuables Such As Jewelry With Yourself

6 Ways To Ensure The Safety of Your Valuables While Moving

Moving your residence or commercial place is quite a big job, with a lot of things to consider carefully. For most people, ensuring that all their belongings get to the new place intact without any damage is the primary concern.

There are a lot of things that can happen when your valuables are in transit – they could get lost, stolen, fall off from the vehicle, break, get scratched, etc.

Just thinking about all the ways your things can get damaged while moving kicks the paranoia in, right? But fret not, because we have 6 tips that can help you take care of your valuables while moving to a new place.

1. Make A List Of All Your Valuables Before You Move

Keep Small Valuables Such As Jewelry With Yourself

When the move is actually being made, all your valuables are either packed in boxes or bags and it’s easy to lose track of all your valuables. You don’t know when you’ll start unpacking after moving to your new place and sometimes, we realize that some things are missing only after weeks. To ensure that this does not happen, make a list of all your valuables before you start your packing. Also, update the list with where they are in your packed boxes after you’re done.

2. Keep Small Valuables Such As Jewelry With Yourself

Make A List Of All Your Valuables Before You Move

Small things like your gold and diamond jewelry do not have to be packed in boxes and sent along with your other things. It’s so much easier to personally handle these things by yourself. It saves you a lot of worries and unnecessary stress.

3. Carefully Pack Fragile Items

There’s a lot of science behind perfectly packing your fragile possessions like fine china and expensive glassware. Each item has its own wrapping requirements and things like bubble wrap are used widely. Professional movers like Calgary movers have expertise in such services and could ensure that all your items are intact. If you want to do it yourself, you can always google how to pack your fragile items.

4. Track Using Technology

Track Using Technology

If you’re extremely paranoid about your belongings getting lost or stolen while moving, then it’s a good idea to attach a tracking device to each of your boxes. These devices are available in stores now and have become extremely cheap. If tracking your boxes this way would give you a sense of peace, then go ahead. Technology’s right here to help us.

5. Get Insured

Get Insured

It’s a really good idea to get moving insurance before you move. We never know what can happen when the things are being moved and insurance could just come in handy when things go south. Additionally, most professional movers like Calgary movers include moving insurance as part of their services.

6. Save Them For Later

Save Them For Later

If there are important documents and expensive valuables like jewelry that have to be moved, but you know that you won’t need them immediately, it’s a good idea to take them to your new place later. They can be left with a trusted friend or family or, locked in a safe vault and you can attend to them patiently later. These things should be handled with care and when you don’t have enough time, saving them for later is the best option.

Above all, just have a calm head and develop a sense of peace and trust that nothing would go wrong. Your valuables are going to be safe and sound and with you in your new place, if you wisely take the necessary steps.