Restaurant Equipment Needed For A Chinese Restaurant

If you are going to convert an existing restaurant to Chinese cuisine or build a new one, there are a number of specific items and pieces of equipment needed in order to cook and serve food in the traditional manner. Here is a sampling of those items:

Kitchen Equipment

Standard ovens, ranges, small appliances and worktables will be necessary for the food-service operation in any restaurant. For Chinese cooking, the following items are also needed:

Woks & Wok Ranges – The wok is one of the best ways to stir-fry meats and vegetable dishes. Because the wok is uniquely shaped, you’ll need a specialty burner to heat them.

Restaurants that do a lot of wok cooking can purchase standalone wok ranges with wok burners.

Dough Sheeters – Because noodles play a huge role in Chinese cuisine, most restaurant make them from scratch. Dough sheeters provide businesses with an easy and efficient way to take dough balls and make any number of noodle varieties.

Soup Kettles – To produce large batches of favorite Chinese soups, you’ll need a range of stock pots. They’re also convenient for cooking noodles.

Rice Cooker – Rice, or course, is the mainstay on any Chinese menu. Without a fast and high volume rice cooking process, the kitchen could fall drastically behind in processing orders.

Commercial rice cookers are the only way to go to insure this doesn’t happen. Modern rice cooking machines take the guesswork out of cooking by making it a push button operation.

Steamers – Steam cooking is a large part of Chinese cuisine. The traditional use of bamboo steamers is too limited for most restaurant operations, so you’ll want to try countertop flash steamers for small orders and a larger steamer to handle large volumes of steamed foods.

Dining Room

Specialty Cutlery – Among the restaurant supplies you will need are specific pieces of tableware like soup spoons and chopsticks designed for Chinese food. Appropriate plates, cups and glassware with an Oriental look should also be on your shopping list.

Furniture – Your restaurant equipment supplier can show you lines of furniture that have the distinct look of Chinese designs.

Buffet Equipment – More and more Chinese restaurants are adding buffet lines in addition to their menu service. Buffet selections can speed up the customer service time and increase the table turns for your establishment.

There is every reason to believe that the appetite for good Chinese food is only going to increase in the future with Canadian restaurant goers. Those restaurateurs who equip their Chinese restaurants with the proper kitchen equipment and atmosphere will usually come out at the head of the pack. To learn more, please visit Nella Cutlery for additional information, resources and references.

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