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5 Key Metrics Every Small Business Owner Must Track

As a business owner, you focus on revenue and sales when you first start out. This is perfectly okay since you want to establish business sustainability before anything else. However, as your business grows, you need to start thinking about other types of performance metrics.  Doing this helps you stay on track and spot potential problems before they get out of hand. Here are the types of business metrics you need to keep an eye on going forward.

1.      Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

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The internet has made it easier than ever before to track customer satisfaction. You can use platforms like Foursquare and Yelp to get a clear picture of what your customers think about your establishment. The best part about this is that you usually get an unfiltered opinion about their experience. You are bound to get negative reviews every now and then. For these, you need to take remedial measures to avoid a recurrence. However, don’t fall into the trap of focusing on individual reviews. Look at the overall picture to determine how you’re performing. After all, not everyone will like your products and services no matter how good they may be. You can also track customer satisfaction by giving out surveys or interacting with your customers one-on-one.

2.      Employee Happiness

Employee Happiness

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Your employees are critical to the success of your small business. You don’t want sulky and unhappy staff dealing with your customers. A positive work environment is key to the overall success of your business so you need to keep track of employee happiness. You can use tools such as TinyPulse and Celpax to help track this oft-overlooked metric. Another way to track employee happiness is to keep tabs on employee retention. Employees tend to stay where they are happy.

3.      Social Media Performance

Social Media Performance

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According to marketing professionals at SEO services Toronto, you need to track your performance on social media. This involves more than garnering likes and followers. Interaction and engagement are some of the types of performance metrics you need to keep an eye on. Other types of business metrics that you should track on your social media pages include the unfollower count, follower count, audience growth rate, clicks per post, and conversion rates.

4.      Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

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Getting new customers is usually harder than retaining existing ones. Consequently, you need to put more effort into customer retention than you do on acquisition. Loyal customers will keep coming back and buying from you as long as you treat them right. You can implement a loyalty program and keep them happy. At the same time, you’ll get an avenue to track how often they come back.  The more loyal a customer is, the more likely they are to recommend others to your business.

5.      Customer Value and Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Value and Customer Acquisition Cost

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These are some of the types of business metrics that many small business owners ignore. It is important to find out how much it costs you to acquire a customer and what the average lifetime value of each customer is. This metrics will guide your pricing and how much you can spend on customer acquisition without breaking the bank.

How to Use Breadcrumbs to Make Your Site Easier to Navigate

The use of breadcrumbs for navigation is a good way to show website visitors their current location on your site and how they got there. Breadcrumbs navigation also makes it possible for the guests to find higher level web pages with ease if they got to your site through deep links or search. Breadcrumbs navigation is ideal for multi-layered business websites as it makes it easy for guests to navigate the site. Here are timely tips on how to make proper use of breadcrumbs navigation for your site.

1.      Only Use This Navigation System If It Suits Your Site

Only Use This Navigation System If It Suits Your Site

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The breadcrumb structure is created with a linear structure and thus is only ideal for certain websites and not others. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website will work with this system. If your website has low-level pages that are accessible through different landing pages, making use of breadcrumb navigation will cause confusion to your readers who access the same pages from different points. Also, breadcrumb navigation is not suitable for simple websites that only have a few pages.

2.      Don’t Make the Navigation Too Big

Don’t Make the Navigation Too Big

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If you seek for advice from SEO services Toronto experts, one of the things they will caution you against is making your breadcrumb navigation too large. Breadcrumb navigation is used as a secondary tool to the primary navigation bar and thus should not be prominent on your page.

3.      Progress from A High Level to A Low Level

 Progress from A High Level to A Low Level

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It is vital that your breadcrumb navigation reads from left to right. The closest link to the left should be your homepage while the user’s current page should be the closest to the right. According to a study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, users spend more than 80% looking through the left half of a page and less than 20% on the right side of the page. This is why the left to right design is important.

4.      Breadcrumbs Titles Should Be Consistent with The Page Titles

Breadcrumbs Titles Should Be Consistent with The Page Titles

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To avoid confusing your web visitors, it is important for you to remain consistent with the titles of your web page and your breadcrumbs. This is especially important if you are targeting a certain keyword in the titles. Also, ensure that you link your breadcrumbs to the page with clarity.

5.      Use A Creative Design

Use A Creative Design

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Ordinary breadcrumb navigation usually has the same design. Even so, one can decide to follow a different path for their breadcrumb navigation if you feel that a new design would be most suited for your audience. For instance, if you are selling a product, you can use breadcrumb navigation for your products pages by using the forward slash sign as well as simple black and grey text.

6.      Keep It Uncluttered and Clean

Keep It Uncluttered and Clean

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Breadcrumbs navigation should make it possible for your users to navigate the different pages in your site. Therefore, it should not be visible unless the user is specifically looking for it. Ensure you keep the navigation clean and avoid using unnecessary text.

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Outrank Your Competitors With These 6 Powerful SEO Tips

Want to take on your competitors and Google with a no-nonsense approach to your content strategy? SEO is a great place to start. With the right SEO strategy, you give your site (and your product) the best chance to organically outrank other websites in your industry.

You can also build on your current content strategy, scale up your keywords, and increase your traffic, which leads to more conversions and ultimately better lead generation.

However, the wrong approach to SEO can really set you back and make your site invisible to search engines. With a Toronto SEO expert, you get the latest search optimization techniques that place your site on the bleeding edge of content strategy.

Here are six powerful ways to improve your SEO and outrank the competition:

1. Revamp Content that Almost Made It


Got an article that should have been an ace but didn’t get the attention it deserved? You can look up pages on your site under Acquisition – Search Console – Queries report. Then you can set the filter to show just phrases for which the average position is greater than 10. This gives you a full list of content that had some hits but wasn’t viral enough to give you any engagement.

You can give these articles more details, answers, statistics, images, quotes, and graphics to make it better. You should look at these pages as a way to spend more time molding and crafting the perfect content.

Before you start revamping, remember these tips:

  • Check the rankings of the page in Analytics in all categories, so you don’t hurt relevance for another keyword phrase you might be ranking for with that content.
  • During the revision process, work to connect in different subtopics, which you can include in related search results and pages.
  • Try to perform this task quarterly with a content marketing audit to ensure your content is always up to date.

2. Tap the Power of Video


Quality is much better when it comes to SEO. If you have content on your site that seems shallow and doesn’t really provide any interaction, you could simply add a quick video to tie in something new. You can share the article using the video on social media to get initial engagement and then hopefully more shares will follow.

3. Make Your Site Useful


If your site is useful to one person, they may just link it and share it around the web on their own. That’s the best way to get more links and likes, which ultimately add to your SERP ranking.

4. Don’t Do “One and Done” Content

woman with laptop

You want to build a following your content. It should be so much fun to read and engage with that people remember the site and want to go back to it, and they want others to see it. You should create content based on strategic keyword analysis, interactive content, what your audience wants, and what your business goals are.

5. Perform Regular SEO Audits


Your marketing team needs to take time each quarter to perform content and SEO audits. This helps you tackle problems, be more creative with keywords, and set new content goals that should be accomplished within 90-day periods, as well as note progress on long-term ranking goals.

6. Maximize Your Moneymaker


What part of your site gets the most traffic? Do you have certain pages or products that are very popular? You can develop more intricate SEO strategies around your most popular pages in order to get more backlinks and shares.

Four Ways a Locksmith Can Keep Your Property Secure

Security is a primary concern for many people regardless of the crime rate in the local area. After all, break-ins and other crimes can occur anywhere and at any time. When you think about property security, you may be focused on things like using smart home technology intelligently or upgrading your security system. While these steps can bolster home or commercial property security dramatically, do not overlook the important services that a locksmith can provide to you. In fact, these are four smart ways that a locksmith can help you to better secure your property.

1. Upgrade Your Locks

Many people assume that all door locks are fairly similar. After all, most properties seem to have the same deadbolt locks and other common types of locks. However, there are advanced locks available that are more difficult for criminals to break. This includes a keypack lock and other styles. Through an upgrading service, your locksmiths may help you to bolster security in a cost-effective way.

2. Add a Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry locks are increasingly common, and they allow you or others to enter your space by typing in a code rather than by using a key. Because the code is memorized, you never have to worry about someone else gaining access to your property. This may happen when your keys are lost or stolen. Many locksmiths are skilled in the area of installation and maintenance of these specialty locks. To learn more, visit Lock-Up Services Inc.

3. Update Your Automatic Door Opener

An automatic door opener is designed only to open and close in specific situations. There are several models available, such as motion-activated doors, doors that open with a push-button device and more. Your locksmith can help you to install this feature to improve security on your property. He or she may also help you to understand all of the styles and types of automatic doors available to choose from.

4. Re-Key Your Locks

Re-keying locks and key cutting services are additional services offered by most locksmiths. Re-keying locks is often done when someone else has a key to your property or when a roommate or employee has left your space. Cutting keys for the new locks can usually be done on-site, and this gives you a turnkey experience. Remember that locks can also be upgraded at this time for additional benefits.

As you can see, a professional locksmith can help you to improve security on your property with incredible results. Many of these services are very cost-effective, and they may be much more affordable than other security-enhancing steps that you may take to safeguard your property. Consider setting up a consultation today to learn more about the steps that could be taken to improve security on your property.

Value Addition in Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning services have for long been put in the same category with unskilled labor. Many people still do not appreciate the skills, techniques, and the knowledge of surface materials and chemicals that are required for office cleaning. This attitude is perhaps fuelled by the output that many cleaning companies provide to their clients. The best way to get your office cleaning Mississauga business out of this misperception and possibly curve a niche for yourself is through investing in the provision of value-added services.

Value Added Office Cleaning Services

As a competitor in the market, you possibly have a well-trained team that is equipped with the required equipment for each client’s assignment. However, this does not necessarily translate into value addition for your customers because even with better tools and more competent staff, you and your competitors are still doing a shoddy job. On the other hand, value is also relative, depending on one client to another. There is, therefore, no standardized, one-fit-all mode of service delivery that you can adopt which will deliver value to all your clients. So how do you go about delivering the value that your client will appreciate?

Liaise with Your Client

Find out the kind of service that they expect from you—services that they have so far never received. This will not only give you perspective on the client’s expectations and attitudes but will also be invaluable in subsequent communication and problem-solving with the client as you undertake your assignment.

Tailor-make A Solution for each Client

Each of the clients that will seek your office cleaning services will have unique needs. Before setting your team of cleaners to turn the place spick and span, work out on a plan that will fulfill their needs based on what you have learned about their attitudes and expectations.

Execute the Tailor-made Plan

It is not just what you do but how you do it that adds value to your client. The provision of the cleaning solutions to your client should be in a manner that they realize the care, concern and expertise that you demonstrate is an improvement compared to your competitors.

Charge More for the Improvements

You also need to motivate yourself as you bend backward to fulfill every need of your client. In most instances, customers will associate your charges with your exceptional services. Therefore, if the market forces allow, charge an extra dollar to make the client appreciate that your quality comes at a cost. You must, however, not overprice yourself that you end up putting your office cleaning services out of your client’s reach.

Bottom Line

Value-added office cleaning is more than just being well-equipped for the job. It involves understanding and addressing the unique needs of each of your clients. This is what will make your business exceptional and competitive.