Looking for a Business Travel Management Provider? What Perks to Look For

If you have been engaging the idea of letting a corporate travel management company manage your employees travel arrangements because you are paying too much for travel expenses, make sure that you are getting the best prices and best management services. You don’t just want to trust that you’re getting low prices and great flights, you want to know that the management company is doing everything they can to work for you and save you money. Ask about the following things with their program.


Frequent Flier Rewards
You should get miles every time one of your employees has to fly to a destination, and these rewards should turn into free flights over time. You can also ask the corporate travel management company if they offer other flying perks, like free or discounted luggage costs, preferred seating, and immediate rescheduling when a flight has been cancelled. Ask about their airfare program and how they can save you money and improve your employees flying experience.


Hotel Rewards and Free Stays
There are many hotels that have their own programs for booking with the chain. After so many bookings you get a free night. The incentive travel program should have connections with multiple hotel venues, and you should get credited no matter where you stay, not just with one chain, Or they should be able to get you in with the chain they get discounted rates and bonuses with every time.


Scheduling Guarantee
If there is an issue and your employee has to get in the air, or if there is a problem and you need to schedule a quick trip for one of your employees, you want the travel management company to guarantee that they can get you the travel arrangements that you need. This means you’ll know your employees can get where they need to be without hassles, when they need to get there.


If you have other travel expenses that you deal with when employees go out to eat, ride in cabs, and swipe their company credit cards for other things, you want to get an employee motivation program going. You can give rewards or bonuses for that that don’t tip over a certain amount, that don’t put alcohol on their tabs, and that save money in other ways. If traveling costs are a problem, get a management company to help you make all your arrangements for future cost savings.

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