How to Use Breadcrumbs to Make Your Site Easier to Navigate

The use of breadcrumbs for navigation is a good way to show website visitors their current location on your site and how they got there. Breadcrumbs navigation also makes it possible for the guests to find higher level web pages with ease if they got to your site through deep links or search. Breadcrumbs navigation is ideal for multi-layered business websites as it makes it easy for guests to navigate the site. Here are timely tips on how to make proper use of breadcrumbs navigation for your site.

1.      Only Use This Navigation System If It Suits Your Site

Only Use This Navigation System If It Suits Your Site

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The breadcrumb structure is created with a linear structure and thus is only ideal for certain websites and not others. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website will work with this system. If your website has low-level pages that are accessible through different landing pages, making use of breadcrumb navigation will cause confusion to your readers who access the same pages from different points. Also, breadcrumb navigation is not suitable for simple websites that only have a few pages.

2.      Don’t Make the Navigation Too Big

Don’t Make the Navigation Too Big

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If you seek for advice from SEO services Toronto experts, one of the things they will caution you against is making your breadcrumb navigation too large. Breadcrumb navigation is used as a secondary tool to the primary navigation bar and thus should not be prominent on your page.

3.      Progress from A High Level to A Low Level

 Progress from A High Level to A Low Level

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It is vital that your breadcrumb navigation reads from left to right. The closest link to the left should be your homepage while the user’s current page should be the closest to the right. According to a study conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, users spend more than 80% looking through the left half of a page and less than 20% on the right side of the page. This is why the left to right design is important.

4.      Breadcrumbs Titles Should Be Consistent with The Page Titles

Breadcrumbs Titles Should Be Consistent with The Page Titles

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To avoid confusing your web visitors, it is important for you to remain consistent with the titles of your web page and your breadcrumbs. This is especially important if you are targeting a certain keyword in the titles. Also, ensure that you link your breadcrumbs to the page with clarity.

5.      Use A Creative Design

Use A Creative Design

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Ordinary breadcrumb navigation usually has the same design. Even so, one can decide to follow a different path for their breadcrumb navigation if you feel that a new design would be most suited for your audience. For instance, if you are selling a product, you can use breadcrumb navigation for your products pages by using the forward slash sign as well as simple black and grey text.

6.      Keep It Uncluttered and Clean

Keep It Uncluttered and Clean

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Breadcrumbs navigation should make it possible for your users to navigate the different pages in your site. Therefore, it should not be visible unless the user is specifically looking for it. Ensure you keep the navigation clean and avoid using unnecessary text.

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