How To Open A Lockbox

The lockbox is typically used to provide access to an apartment, condominium or house to a real estate agent. As long as he has the key or password to the box, he can gain access 24/7/365 – no locksmith is required. The locksmith and lockbox industry continue to offer more advanced digital features with smart cards and mobile devices, resembling the cutting-edge, high-tech credit card readers.

“Anytime Lock Box Access”

Generally, a lockbox will be used for real estate agents, but it could also be used for postal workers, plumbers and even police officers who need fast access. This improves the real estate market’s liquidity, providing for a higher turnover rate for housing units. The locksmith industry is now offering more advanced digital mobile technology to satisfy smart phone users.

“How to Open Simple Lockbox”

The easiest lockbox can be opened by dialing up the combination with the designated password code. When everything is properly aligned, you should be able to slide the door open. Take out the key. When you are done, replace the key and make sure to scramble the password dials to prevent strangers from opening it.

“Smart Card Lock Box Technology”

The Smart Card lockbox works just like a hotel card key or credit card inserted into one of the more modern credit card readers. These larger lockboxes might have 10 digits, function keys and light sensors. To open these lockboxes, you will need a Smart Card & PIN.

After you insert the Smart Card into the lockbox, you type in your PIN. Thereafter, you will either leave the card in or take it out based on your needs. Use different function keys for opening, closing, removing the shackle or assignment of the listing. This more advanced lockbox also offers superior features, such as “Hardlock Mode” to make the device immovable. There is even an ALARM for some of these digital lockboxes.

“Mobile Lock Box Functions”

You can also choose a Bluetooth-enabled lockbox with light displays. You can track the lockbox using your smart phone; the system is compatible with Apple or Android. Large real estate firms might find this useful for tracking activity at different listings around town. This advanced digital lockbox can also be used with a Smart Card.

Since most lockboxes are on door knobs in the entrance way, they might be useful for different emergencies. The digital lockbox might have a HELP emergency button for those who might be having a heart attack or are dealing with a burglar. You can find additional resources by visiting Lock-Up Services Inc.

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