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7 Moving and Packing Tips For Frequent Movers

Planning on moving again? Is your frequent moving schedule giving you a headache? Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered for your next move!

Moving is a part and parcel of our lives. Unfortunately, some jobs tend to have a nomadic lifestyle associated with them. Of course, the monetary compensation makes it worth the move, yet some people are reluctant to changes and prefer to be well within their comfort zones. In case your work makes moving inevitable, here are 7 moving and packing tips to help you for having a smoother moving experience during your next move:

1. Decide Your Budget:

Decide Your Budget

Budget is probably the most important factor when it comes to making a move. Having a clear idea of your budget will ensure that you choose what’s best for you at the moment. If you feel you’ve been coached enough by the professional movers during your earlier expeditions, you can save a significant amount of cash by DIY packing. But make sure you don’t push your limits too hard just for the cash.

2. Analyze The Situation:

Analyze The Situation

Some people fail to realize that the time of making the move can also affect moving costs to a huge extent. Mid-month moves are usually cost-effective due to a reduction in demand as most leases end at the beginning of a month. Besides, adverse weather conditions can also prove to be a nuisance and usually require a lot of planning before the actual moving. Analyze the new location you’re planning on moving into, for the accessibility of your new house can also decide the moving costs incurred. If the movers encounter a lot of stairs while moving the boxes, expect the prices to go up.

3. Keep Valuables Intact:

Keep Valuables Intact

It won’t be a smart move to keep your valuables stuffed inside one of the boxes that will be handled by the movers. While we are in no way accusing the movers of any unprofessional behavior, we would like you to keep your valuables with you at all times to ensure they don’t get lost amidst transit. Try keeping them with you in the car to avoid any losses in the case of any mishap.

4. Rent Furniture:

Rent Furniture

If you’re a frequent mover, you’d understand that moving the furniture is the toughest of all tasks.  Why spend so much time and money moving things that can be rented easily? There are a lot of companies that offer to rent as an option for all your furniture requirements. The fewer movers need to work, the more money you save!

5. Keep Things Organized:

Keep Things Organized

Keeping things organized can be a big timesaver in case of a tight schedule. Some projects require immediate relocation which can be challenging considering the time to be the most valuable resource. If you try keeping your things organized rather than flinging them all over your place, you will save a lot of time packing your boxes in an emergency moving situation. You can always try the methods listed above or choose professional movers Toronto movers to handle your mess whenever you feel like the dire need to sit back and relax!

6. Make Moving Fun:

Make Moving Fun

Probably the most overlooked factor when it comes to moving is making the entire moving process fun, especially if you have kids. It is not easy for kids to move across the state all the time, for it often brings along unnecessary pressure of adapting to a new environment. Try keeping your kids entertained during the moving process with games and fun activities to make sure they stay happy and refreshed!

7. Pack Smartly:

Pack Smartly

If you’ve decided to do the packing yourself, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. People often tend to buy fewer boxes than they are supposed to. This leads to overloading of materials into large boxes which often leads to rupturing of boxes during transit due to excessive weight. Besides, it is always advised to carry extra packing material to ensure better handling of boxes in case of any mishap during handling. Smart packing moves like keeping the wardrobe intact instead of taking everything out and putting into boxes can also save you from a lot of trouble.

Change is inevitable. We know it sucks to move from a good neighborhood, especially when you have a strong relationship with your neighbors.


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