Value Addition in Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning services have for long been put in the same category with unskilled labor. Many people still do not appreciate the skills, techniques, and the knowledge of surface materials and chemicals that are required for office cleaning. This attitude is perhaps fuelled by the output that many cleaning companies provide to their clients. The best way to get your office cleaning Mississauga business out of this misperception and possibly curve a niche for yourself is through investing in the provision of value-added services.

Value Added Office Cleaning Services

As a competitor in the market, you possibly have a well-trained team that is equipped with the required equipment for each client’s assignment. However, this does not necessarily translate into value addition for your customers because even with better tools and more competent staff, you and your competitors are still doing a shoddy job. On the other hand, value is also relative, depending on one client to another. There is, therefore, no standardized, one-fit-all mode of service delivery that you can adopt which will deliver value to all your clients. So how do you go about delivering the value that your client will appreciate?

Liaise with Your Client

Find out the kind of service that they expect from you—services that they have so far never received. This will not only give you perspective on the client’s expectations and attitudes but will also be invaluable in subsequent communication and problem-solving with the client as you undertake your assignment.

Tailor-make A Solution for each Client

Each of the clients that will seek your office cleaning services will have unique needs. Before setting your team of cleaners to turn the place spick and span, work out on a plan that will fulfill their needs based on what you have learned about their attitudes and expectations.

Execute the Tailor-made Plan

It is not just what you do but how you do it that adds value to your client. The provision of the cleaning solutions to your client should be in a manner that they realize the care, concern and expertise that you demonstrate is an improvement compared to your competitors.

Charge More for the Improvements

You also need to motivate yourself as you bend backward to fulfill every need of your client. In most instances, customers will associate your charges with your exceptional services. Therefore, if the market forces allow, charge an extra dollar to make the client appreciate that your quality comes at a cost. You must, however, not overprice yourself that you end up putting your office cleaning services out of your client’s reach.

Bottom Line

Value-added office cleaning is more than just being well-equipped for the job. It involves understanding and addressing the unique needs of each of your clients. This is what will make your business exceptional and competitive.