How To Open A Lockbox

The lockbox is typically used to provide access to an apartment, condominium or house to a real estate agent. As long as he has the key or password to the box, he can gain access 24/7/365 – no locksmith Toronto is required. The locksmith and lockbox industry continue to offer more advanced digital features with smart cards and mobile devices, resembling the cutting-edge, high-tech credit card readers.

Power and Practicality of Indoor Positioning Technology Continues to Increase

Global positioning system, or GPS, technology has become mainstream today and is included in everything from cars to cell phones. However, GPS has a flaw, which is that it does not work properly indoors. GPS operates by triangulating a location based on satellite signals, but these signals lose power inside buildings. A variety of indoor navigation technologies have been invented to compensate for this limitation and allow GPS for indoors.